Time and Travel

Supplement to Luxury
  • Periodicity: yearly
  • Circulation: 9 000 pcs
  • Language versions: CZ
  • Volume: approximately 68 pages
  • Paper: 80 g/m2
  • Media pack: Download
  • Electronic version: Electronic version

Experiences are priceless and you shouldn´t miss out them! We have combined two things which everyone loves to splurge on because they are invaluable. Newspaper TIME&TRAVEL brings together Watches&Jewelry and Travel to Luxury destination.

Target Group
  • Women 35+
  • Men 35+ with university and higher education
  • 77% of readers are managers or CEOs
  • Newspapers Time & Travel will be distributed to VIP database of Luxury Guide
  • CEO's with sales higher than 300 million
  • VIP clients Cartec Group
  • Prague - watches and jewelry stores and to Václav Havel Airport lounges