Design & Developer

Supplement to Luxury
  • Periodicity: yearly
  • Circulation: 7 000 pcs
  • Language versions: CZ
  • Volume: approximately 30 pages
  • Size: 275 x 430 mm
  • Cover and inside: 140 g/m2
  • Electronic version: Design a developer
  • Media kit: Download

Luxury Design & Developer is the first trade paper focused on both industries in the Czech Republic. The publication summarises the best products from the international design weeks, informs its readers about the latest trends in design and also highlights the most interesting shop openings and developer projects of the current year.

Target Group
  • A, B, C1
  • Women and men 35+ with higher or university education
  • Newspapers Design will be distributed to CEO‘s with sales higher than 300 million CZK and to VIP clients cartec group (owners of a BMW cars with a price higher than 2 million CZK).
  • Circulation 5 000 copies